Celebrating the Recovery of 28,000 Devices

By: Absolute Team | 1/31/2013

We have some big news! We have just recovered our 28,000th device! These devices have been recovered using our Computrace (corporate) and LoJack for Laptops products and returned to customers all around the world; we have helped recover laptops in 95 different countries.

What does 28,000 devices look like? Well, if you stacked those laptops up one on top of another, they would make a tower at least 2750 feet high… or twice the height of the Empire State Building!

This milestone confirms that our patented technology, process, and approach to managed theft recovery is, by far, the most successful - and only proven - theft recovery solution available on the market today. The reason we continue to safely recover devices on behalf of our customers lies in the strength of our technology combined with our global network of Theft Recovery Investigators and trusted relationships with over 6,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide. Learn more here.

It's great to reach yet another milestone in device recovery, but our Theft Recovery Team knows their work isn't done. We will continue to work hard with law enforcement agencies all across the world to keep recovering your loss devices!

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