Celebrating the Recovery of 20K Stolen Computers

By: Absolute Team | 6/17/2011

We are fast approaching the recovery of our 20,000th stolen computer! It's a very exciting milestone for Absolute Software, and we're excited to have returned so many computers to their rightful owners.

As we approach this milestone, we're featuring a new recovery story of the day here, along with a map of our recoveries in 79 countries and a link to view a demo of Computrace.


Today we're featuring a story on "Merry Christmas?" about how we were able to use information about what the thief was doing and tracking it back to a teacher who had kept a computer as a Christmas gift to his daughter. Read it here.

Also check out 6 of our recent recovery stories as featured on PC World. And with Father's Day just around the corner, check out our deal for Dads and some tips for Dads to keep new electronics safe.

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