CareSource Cares About PHI

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 9/9/2013

Healthcare organizations are responsible for a multifaceted level of care; not only do these companies take care of their patients, but they also must take care - and protect - their protected health information (PHI). There are several laws, including HIPAA, that require the protection of PHI, and many healthcare organizations are taking data security seriously.

CareSource faced the challenge of a growing inventory of laptops containing PHI using Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS). With Absolute DDS, CareSource is able to extend a high level of care to PHI as well, protecting data and satisfying compliance while also offering the ability to recover lost laptops.

CareSource is a non-profit, Medicaid-managed care company with 1,400 staff working to meet the healthcare needs of more than 900,000 members. Access to health and policy information and secure technology are essential for CareSource. In 2009, it was clear already that laptops would soon outpace desktops and that CareSource would need a way to secure the PHI on these laptops.

CareSource chose Absolute DDS to protect the PHI on their inventory of laptops, after looking at many alternatives. Using laptops supported at the firmware level with Persistence technology, CareSource is able to maintain contact with each device, regardless of user or location and resistant to tampering. In the event of a lost laptop or a laptop being retired, CareSource is able to run a complete data delete with end of life certificate to meet healthcare policy laws.

To find out how CareSource uses Absolute to save time, protect data and satisfy complacence requirements, check out the case study here. For more on our services for Healthcare, including additional case studies from our clients, visit here.

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