Canada Cyber Security Strategy Announced

By: Absolute Team | 10/18/2010

The government of Canada has announced Canada's Cyber Security Strategy, a 5-year $90 million plan (plus $18M ongoing) to meet the "three pillars": to secure government systems, secure cyber systems across Canada through partnerships, and to help Canadians be secure online.

At the government level, some of the changes will include:

  • Introducing changes to the Criminal Code for identity thieves and other cyber criminals
  • Supporting the tip-line
  • Creating the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre to monitor threats and create a federal response
  • Working with industry and other governments to protect critical infrastructure

The strategy, as published here, details specific initiatives to cover the "three pillars" outlined earlier. There are some criticisms of the strategy, saying it doesn't deal with International problems well and is only a start, with Liberal MP Mark Holland saying:

"If something happens tomorrow, we're not ready. It's very clear we're way behind the rest of the world in an area that's constantly changing, and so when you're behind you have to sprint to catch up."

Hopefully we can 'catch up' quickly.

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