How Can IT Help Employees to Help Themselves?

March 16, 2015

Sometimes the fastest way to get things done is to do them yourself, especially when it comes to simple IT requests that can consume significant IT hours.

In one of our latest videos, we explore how the Absolute Manage self-service portal can reduce the burden on IT. It works because users can resolve simple issues themselves, such as resetting their mobile passcode.

From the portal, employees can view device information and perform remote actions on any device under management, including laptops, tablets and smartphones – even if they are personally owned. Employees, or IT admins, can send a message to a mislaid device, locking a device using the existing passcode, and if a device has been stolen or can’t be retrieved, users can wipe the device so all data is erased.

Research has shown that employees are slow to notify employers of missing devices, partly because they do not understand the value of devices or the data and access they contain, partly because they may fear the repercussions. In our whitepaper, ‘The Enemy Within: Insiders are still the weakest link in your data security chain,’ we give you five steps to help foster a conscientious data security environment in your organization. Empowering your employees, and arming them with tools to support strong security practices, can help your organization regain its security footing.

By helping employees to help themselves, IT can free up valuable time so they can focus on more meaningful projects. 

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