Camden Borough Council Deploys Computrace

By: Absolute Team | 7/15/2011

As profiled by CSO Online and ComputerWeekly, the Camden Borough Council has chosen to deploy Absolute Software's Computrace on all of their laptop assets, with plans to deploy our software to company-owned smartphones later this year.

The London borough council deployed Computrace on all of its 1,300 laptops. Computrace products allow you to easily identify computers that have gone missing or are at risk; you can proactively freeze a device, delete or retrieve data, or engage with our Theft Recovery team to help recover stolen laptops (see full features here).

"If one of our laptops is lost or stolen, we can say it was password protected, it was encrypted and we can remove the data, and even have the means to recover it," said Ian Lawrence, technical services manager at the London Borough of Camden.

In addition, the Camden Borough Council IT team will have means to more effectively manage their IT assets. They will be able to re-deploy assets with greater ease, knowing where each asset is at all times, and are even able to remotely monitor user information, licenses, hardware, installed applications, and other device details.

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