Calvin College Protects & Manages Devices with Absolute Manage

By: Absolute Team | 3/13/2013

We recently added several new case studies to our Resources, including a look into how Calvin College manages its mobile devices and Mac desktop machines with Absolute Manage.

The Device Management Challenge at Calvin College

Calvin College is a liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Known as one of the largest Christian college in North America, the college has over 4,000 students and 600 faculty and staff.

With dozens of laptops, over 400 Mac desktop and laptop computers and 26 iPads, some of which are used off-campus in recruiting efforts, Calvin College was challenged with the need to track, secure and manage multiple devices. The college was looking for a way to secure these devices and their data as well as maintain a consistent set of apps on the devices to ensure they are ready when needed.

The Solution: Absolute Manage

Calvin College chose Absolute Manage to secure and manage all the devices in their deployment, taking advantage of features including sending updates during the night to minimize disruption (even turning on machines that are off).

Learn more about the ways Calvin College used Absolute Manage to improve productivity, improve efficiency and become prepared for future changes in our Case Study. To learn more about our solutions for Higher Education, read here.

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