BYOD Trends Infographic

By: Absolute Team | 10/15/2012

Enterasys recently released an infographic combining the stats from several BYOD and mobile surveys; the infographic puts into focus some of the stark realities of enterprise mobile security.

As we've noted before, BYOD is a part of the enterprise whether you're prepared for it or not. Employees are doing work on their personally-owned devices and are running business applications and yet most employees are very lax about security. For example, 90% have disabled auto-lock for tablets and 75% have disabled auto-lock for smartphones.

With less than 10% of companies fully aware of devices accessing their network, BYOD appears to be running at full tilt unchecked by security policies.

No matter what device your employees are using, it only takes on solution to manage them all. We can help you automate the employee mobile device enrolment process, install / remove apps (by user / device status / role), send commands that control roaming or status, monitor encryption status, send messages to users and lock / wipe lost devices.

For more information, read our primer on how to build a BYOD policy in three easy steps.

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