BYOD as a Cost-Saver

By: Absolute Team | 9/6/2012

Michael Vizard of IT Business Edge recently wrote an article stating that "It's Time to Accept the Reality of BYOD in the Enterprise."

In the article, our own Peter Frankl, senior vice president for lifecycle management at Absolute Software, mentions how BYOD has its own advantages:

"The savings generated by end users essentially paying for their own mobile computing devices and associated data plans can be quite substantial. Most of those users will wind up writing those expenses off as an unreimbursed business expense, even if they are only used for actual business purposes 10 percent of the time."

Organizations are able to save on the costs of device purchases, especially as the rate of technological change 'requires' such frequent upgrades. The costs to manage devices remains the same, no matter who owns the device, so there are substantial savings for employee-owned devices. Some organizations have neglected to realize that employee-owned devices still require management and thus the security risks have been increased.

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