BYOD Allows IT Evolution

By: Absolute Team | 7/25/2012

A great post at TechTarget talks about how BYOD allows for the evolution of IT. The article begins, "Most IT departments are missing one of the main points of BYOD. The main reason to embrace BYOD is because it allows for IT evolution."

So, what is IT evolution and why is it a good thing? As the article notes, it's not often that IT gets to shake itself up, but bring your own device (BYOD) allows IT departments to really change how it operates - it can no longer be rigid and controlling but instead needs to be flexible and adaptive.

Growing up with new technology, and the consumerization and decreased price point of advanced technology, has for once put users, IT and management "on the same team". All are now knowledgeable about devices and the tools and services that can help them work, changing the dynamic of information and knowledge flow when it comes to IT. As the article notes, the more rigid IT is now, the more end users will try to find ways around IT.

A reinvention of IT would allow for closer collaboration between IT and users so that IT can provide the tools that users actually want. Summarized perfectly:

"If your job today in the IT department consists of putting out fires, rebuilding stuff that broke and solving users’ problems, then you’re not doing IT work. Working in IT should be about matching business needs to the best tools so you can keep the company ahead of the pack."

For more on integrating BYOD, check out our free BYOD policy guide here and read up on our products here.

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