BYOD Accelerating, the Time To Prepare is Now

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/5/2014

In its report, "The Connectivity Revolution: Ten Critical Insights for the New Mobile Reality", Macheen explores mobility, from the impact of BYOD to use of the cloud and concerns over security. As Macheen founder Richard Schwartz notes, consumers and mobile workers alike will soon be expecting "always on access to the information and applications they need, using the devices they prefer, anytime and anywhere," so now is the time to prepare.

Some of the findings highlighted from the report, and shared on FierceMobileIT, include:

  • Mobile is global, with mobile penetration is at 91%
  • Workers are untethered, with over a third of the worldwide workforce expected to be mobile by next year
  • Devices are proliferating, with more device types set to go online than ever before
  • Consumer devices are going to work
  • Mobility fuels productivity
  • Mobile security is a top concern
  • The cloud is expanding rapidly

BYOD and CoPE are the new reality for enterprises, changing everything from the way people work to the way businesses manage their data. BYOD poses many risks to corporate data which may be stored on an employee-owned device – especially if the device is lost or stolen or if the employee leaves the organization. To learn how to support BYOD in an enterprise environment, read our BYOD solutions page.

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