Buyer Beware – Absolute Recovers Laptop After Shady Sell

By: Absolute Team | 8/28/2009

If purchasing a used laptop, it’s important to buy from a reputable source that you know and trust - or you may risk acquiring a stolen machine. When distinguishing a legitimate secondhand dealer from an illegitimate one, both common sense and intuition can go along way. If the circumstance seems suspicious – it probably is.

Most thieves are looking for a quick cash turn around, so will sell a stolen laptop to a naive buyer from almost any location. On a weekly basis, Absolute traces stolen computers to individuals that have purchased the machine from “some guy” at a random locale - and have unknowingly received stolen property.

Although the scenarios may sound obviously suspicious, Absolute commonly recovers stolen computers from people who have bought them in alley ways, abandoned lots, roadsides and street corners; not your typical locale for a trustworthy transaction.

Of the week’s situations which should have raised a red flag in the buyer’s mind, Absolute has recovered laptops after the following shady transactions:

• Man buys computer from the back of a car, parked outside of a popular chain computer store. (If you don’t actually have to go into the store to purchase the computer – isn’t that a bad sign?)

• Computer purchased from a group of adolescents selling a variety of electronics in a convenient store alley

• “Some guy” on a busy downtown street sells a woman a laptop for $40

• Boy buys laptop from a friend who claimed to have found it “in an alley”

Buyer's beware (and be smart!).

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