Built-in Protection in Laptop PCs Improves Compliance with New Healthcare Rules

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/24/2013

If you are in the healthcare industry, data security and complying with security rules and regulations is a top priority. As shared by Intel, the partnership between Absolute Software and Intel delivers you a powerful solution to manage those requirements. In the whitepaper, "Built-in Protection in Laptop PCs Improves Compliance with New Healthcare Rules," you can learn about how Absolute Computrace is taking advantage of Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) to deliver intelligent, automated, policy-based protection against loss or theft for laptops. 

Loss and theft of laptops makes sensitive data vulnerable, opening up healthcare organizations for a data breach or further network invasions. Keeping patient data secure is not just a priority, it's a legal requirement. Keeping up with HIPAA and HITECH is important, particularly given the landscape of increased penalties for non-compliance.

Adoption of laptops, tablets and smartphones is very high in the healthcare field, yet security lags far behind. Research has shown that only 50% of the medical community uses encryption, and an earlier study showed that 81% of physicians had public health information (PHI) on mobile devices with no protection at all. The whitepaper outlines the issue of data breaches in healthcare, the challenges of defending healthcare data, the importance of rapid lock-down and rapid recovery, and compliance information.

Computrace can provide GRC support for the endpoint, safeguarding patient data and allowing you to comply with regulations such as HITECH/HIPAA and other regional, state, and federal regulations. As the whitepaper outlines, if a laptop is lost or stolen, IT can safely delete data or have the system lock itself down. If the system stays offline and does not check in during a specified time period, the device can brick itself, giving a robust method of securing data and improving compliance. Learn more about our healthcare options here.

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