Breaches by Industry

By: Absolute Team | 11/23/2012

Verizon has been dissecting its Data Breach Investigations Reports to help organizations understand the patterns and trends behind data breaches. In their industry-by-industry snapshot, Verizon looks at patterns from 2011 and 2012 data on key findings per industry.

Some interesting insights include:

  • The financial sector attracts more directed and tenacious criminal attention
  • Many financial attacks are against ATMs, Web applications and employees
  • Most of the breaches in the healthcare sector fall into the small to medium business category (1-100 employees); outpatient care facilities such as medical and dental offices comprised the bulk of these.
  • The healthcare sector is often attacked by organized criminal groups looking for personal or payment data for fraud schemes
  • The retail sector is often attacked by criminal groups gaining access through POS systems
  • The accommodations and food services sector has had more breaches than any other sector in the past 2 years

It's interesting to note the obvious strategy behind many of the breaches affecting each industry. Read more here. For a quick reference of data breaches by industry, DataLoss.db prepares on-demand graphs (though the segmentation is limited).

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