Breach News: Heartland & More

By: Absolute Team | 3/5/2009

Following on the heels of the Heartland Payment Systems breach that affected as many as 100 million credit cards,3 arrests were made. The arrests followed the 3-month investigation into a stolen credit card ring. The arrests were for men caught using stolen credit card numbers at local WalMart stores. Apparently the Secret Service has a suspect in the Heartland data breach, someone outside North America.

With more than 580 institutions affected by this data breach, it should be no surprise that lawsuits would follow. A PA-based law firm filed a class action lawsuit against Heartland in January, accusing Heartland of belated and inaccurate notifications of the breach and inadequate security precautions. In addition, this week 8 banks and credit unions filed lawsuits against Heartland over its failure to protect credit and debit card data. The lawsuits seek compensation for the costs of breach notification and re-issue of cards by the financial institutions. Where fraud has occurred, the banks also seek recompense.

Other large breaches: the Arkansas Department of Information Systems lost a data tape from storage (807,000 affected), and it appears that information about the communications, navigation and management electronics on Marine One (the Presidential helicopter) were accidentally leaked onto a peer-to-peer file sharing network. It was thought for a week that there was a new large payment processing breach, but Visa has issued a statement that clarifies that breach notifications pertain to existing, not new, issues.

It also caught my eye that the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology and the Berkeley Technology Law Journal are holding their 13th annual Security Breach Notification seminar on March 6th. The seminar talks about identity theft and changes coming in the future.

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