Big Data Management Struggles

By: Absolute Team | 11/4/2011

The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsor SAS have released the findings of their survey, Big Data: Harnessing a Game-Changing Asset. We talked earlier this year about big data and the lack of information management on it, including security. The new survey found that big data effectively managed can add value to the bottom line.

"A well-defined data management plan – systematically collecting and analyzing key data – is much more strongly associated with success than a disjointed data strategy," said Jim Davis, SAS Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President.

Although the survey primarily addresses the collection and analysis of key data, its storage and security play a key component in a well-defined data management plan. The study found that 18% of organizations were committed to collecting and analyzing data with a well-defined data management plan, leaving much to be desired in terms of the management of big data.

Does your organization struggle to manage big data?

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