The Benefits and Risks of iOS 8

By: Absolute Team | 10/21/2014

In the October 2014 print edition of Professional Security Magazine, I contributed an article about the benefits (and threats) of iOS 8. Similar to the article I wrote in July, asking Is Your Organization Prepared for iOS8?, this article speaks to the changes iOS 8 introduces to the enterprise.

Covered in the article are insights into:

  • Handoff / iCloud Drive
  • Third Party APIs
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Understanding how new features could impact the way corporate data is stored and accessed

Apple has made huge strides in adding enterprise friendly benefits to iOS8, but enterprises need to be on their guard in considering how these features will impact how corporate data is stored and accessed. Businesses need to implement a secure framework for managing all devices, regardless of device type, form factor and OS, while maintaining the balancing act between data security and usability. We offer this solution with Absolute Manage.

You can find this article in the print edition of the magazine or read a preview of it here.

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