Benchmarking your Privacy Risk

By: Absolute Team | 2/18/2012

Developed in collaboration with the Ponemon Institute, the Edelman Privacy Risk Index (ePRI) provides a high level risk coefficient specified for various sized business organizations. The Index, derived from analysis of Ponemon research involving more than 6,400 individuals located in 29 countries, gives organizations a benchmark against which to assess their risk as well as to understand what business practices could be contributing to privacy risk.

A high risk score from the ePRI suggests that your company is more likely to suffer reputation damage or economic loss as a result of a privacy-related problem or mishap. A low risk score, while indicating your company is proactively protecting private information, does not mean that mishaps would not be costly, but some efforts may minimize the costs.

Understanding your risks with regular risks assessments is just one of the many important ways to proactively protect your data. Though this risk assessment should not be considered a replacement for a more comprehensive analysis, it is a good first step.

How did your company fare against the benchmark?

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