Balancing Business Satisfaction and Engagement in I&O Organizations

By: Absolute Team | 3/14/2014

Gartner i oThe featured resource on Absolute Software right now is a report from Gartner on How I&O Organizations can strike a better balance between business satisfaction and engagement levels.

Traditionally, infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations struggle to support and deliver IT services that satisfy the business. There are many negative impacts of this:

  • I&O organizations continue to unsuccessfully satisfy consumers, resulting in alienation and disengagement from unmet expectations.
  • Unsatisfied business users will shift to consumerization and cloud-based services, and thereby receive support outside the IT organization, making it hard for I&O to demonstrate value in rapid restoration of services.
  • I&O organizations continue to use antiquated means to gather customer sentiment and satisfaction levels, failing to gather valuable feedback and trend analysis for IT strategic planning.

To avoid these impacts, I&O leaders should strive to drive engagement (as opposed to just satisfaction), which can foster a deeper, more beneficial relationship and better position them to satisfy customers moving forward. In this report, we look at recommended ways that I&O leaders can empower IT service, empower users and look for solutions to better capture consumer sentiment.

We invite you to read the report here - and drop your thoughts in the comments.

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