Back to School - Laptop Theft 101

By: Absolute Home and Office | 8/20/2019

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Did you know that according to Gartner, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds? It's not a joke. According to the University of Pittsburgh your laptop has a 1 in 10 chance of being stolen and a nearly 98% chance of never being recovered. Did you also know that nearly HALF of all laptop thefts occur in classrooms?

Most students aren't likely to to think twice about the value of data on their laptop; they instead think the device itself holds the true value. This couldn't be further from the truth. The true price of a lost or stolen education device goes far beyond the value of the machine itself. Think of the countless hours and crushing brain energy spent researching and drafting your final thesis, sculpting your musical magnum opus, or the 2,000+ layer Photoshop or Illustrator file you've contributed to every week and weekend for the last 4 months of your life. Truth is the data on your device represents irreplaceable concentration, time and effort - invaluable commodities in today's fast paced digital landscape.

Losing a device is one thing, but losing the data on it - potentially hundreds of hours of work - can drastically interfere with your education goals not to mention cause additional stress during an already difficult time of your life. Don't take that risk.

Of course there are software 'solutions' like popular anti-theft products but they're bulky, expensive, and stop short of offering TRUE protection. Sure, many can tell you the location of your device but will they actually assist in the RECOVERY of your device once it's missing or stolen?

What then can be done to protect your device AND it's data? Beyond protective software, you can start by practicing our top ten recommendations for laptop security:

  1. Never leave your laptop unattended .
  2. Keep your laptop in a secure, hidden place .
  3. Lock doors and windows when you're not in your room .
  4. Use a discreet laptop case .
  5. Never leave your laptop in your vehicle .
  6. Purchase a Laptop Theft Recovery Solution .
  7. Personalize your laptop's looks .
  8. Write down your laptop's serial number .
  9. Use secure passwords and update them regularly .
  10. If someone tries to take it, give it up - it can be replaced... you can't !

What happens when even these tried and true methods fail, I hear you ask?

Luckily there is one solution that can and will go the extra distance; Absolute Home & Office, with features including device locate, remote content lock and delete, as well as a theft recovery team who works with local law enforcement to actually recover your stolen or missing device. Education pricing is $29.99 for a PREMIUM 1 year plan, or you can get the STANDARD product for just $1.99/month.

Stay safe out there.

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