Avoiding Malware For Hot News Searches

By: Absolute Team | 2/1/2010

When big news is breaking, a big tip to remember is to always search Google News, not just Google (or alternate search engines). Why is this? A crafty spammer can easily set up a keyword-rich site infected with malware. Such was the case with the announcement of the new iPad from Apple this week (and for the Haiti tragedy earlier this month).

Websense found that searches for "apple tablet announcement" were poisoned by attackers - one of the top 5 results all led to a site promoting rogue anti-virus products.

In order to avoid purposefully set-up malware sites like these, we recommend searching Google News directly, bypassing plain search results which can be skewed by malware in the results. This does not eliminate the threat of malware, which may just as easily be hosted on legitimate websites, but can reduce your risk.

In related news, Network Box has determined that phishing accounts for 55.59% of all malware sent on an email and Dasient reports that the number of websites infected with malware almost doubled in the last quarter in comparison to the previous year.

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