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Avoid Airport Laptop Theft

December 12, 2012

We know from our own studies that airports are one of the top 10 places laptops are stolen. Recently, CBS Local did an undercover report on luggage theft at John F. Kennedy International Airport that supports just how pervasive theft is at airports.

Their report indicates that there are more than 200 thefts a day at JFK Airport, many of them the result of internal theft by baggage handlers, jetway workers and security personnel. As of the time of the report (March 2012), these thefts were labeled as 'unchecked' and likely affect many airports.

Thieves at the airports were engaging in 'luggage profiling', going after what appeared to be expensive luggage or luggage from affluent areas. In some cases, airlines are reporting these thefts as 'lost in transit', to hide the issues.

One of our top pieces of advice when traveling with any technology is to keep it with you at all times - to avoid checking it, leaving it unattended or even tucking it under your seat at the airport. For more tips on how to avoid having your laptop stolen at an airport, read our Top 10 Laptop Security Tips for Airports. Also check out the CrimeCatchers series of crime prevention tips for airports.

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