IT Asset Management: Prove the Presence, Health and Value of Investments

By: Kimberly Doyle | 3/21/2017

Much has been written about the root cause of data breaches, but the reality is much more complicated. Each successful data breach represents a failure in security technologies to detect it -- or prevent it from happening. Here's why successful IT Asset Management (ITAM) is critical...

Unseen security cracks, dark endpoints

Most organizations assume that more than 95 percent of endpoints are compliant with required applications and patches, but the reality is that there are unseen cracks in security that lead to dark endpoints. With persistent oversight over millions of endpoints, we know that nearly 20 percent of endpoints are “dark” and lack the critical applications to manage risk and compliance. We've also found that as many as 10 percent of endpoints do not contain the required encryption solutions -- and that more than 5 percent of endpoints do not ‘report in’ for security, ITAM, and compliance tracking.

With such a large gap in visibility, organizations struggle to prove the value of IT investments and open themselves up to growing risks that insiders and attackers will compromise the security controls that businesses have deployed to protect users and endpoints.

IT Asset Management: Account for  technology costs, risks

IT Asset Management (ITAM) programs are designed to provide an account of technology asset costs and risks to maximize their business value and to influence sourcing decisions. Effective ITAM requires a comprehensive look at the value of IT investments, not just how much the asset costs. But how do you demonstrate value if you cannot guarantee the health and efficacy of your current deployment?

Devices are re-imaged, users disable apps, registry files become corrupted, and devices leave the protection of the network. Many organizations react to threats by piling on more security layers but, as Forrester analyst Chris Sherman noted our recent webinar, more agents do not guarantee more protection: In fact, 70% of organizations do not regularly test endpoint security controls, and they don't have oversight into when a device goes dark, or if there's sensitive data hidden on the endpoint.

Prove the presence & health of IT investments

It is necessary to support ITAM with technology that can prove the presence, health, and value of your IT investments. Embedded in firmware, Absolute’s “always on” and “always there” Persistence technology (Absolute Data & Device Security) gives organizations visibility and real-time remediation over devices, data, applications, and users -- on or off the network. And, with Application Persistence, organizations can gain control over other endpoint security applications, allowing them to self-heal if they're compromised and ensuring the latest patches, updates, and security files are deployed when devices are off the network.

Our core Persistence technology, already embedded in more than 1 billion devices, along with Application Persistence, helps enhance asset management programs -- guaranteeing the availability and efficacy of critical applications and optimizing threat detection and response capabilities with the power of instant remediation.

Shone a light on your dark endpoints with Absolute

Reduce the Dwell Time of Dark Assets

Absolute’s audit data found that 62 percent of endpoint devices currently contain at-risk data. Gartner estimates that by 2020, a third of successful attacks on organizations will involve shadow IT, or dark assets.

Traditional incident response plans often involve manual remediation, patches, and updates -- all of which increase the dwell time of dark assets and increase the likelihood of errors and ongoing risk. Absolute’s persistent self-healing endpoint technology gives enterprises the ability to reduce the dwell time of these dark assets, reducing the likelihood of it becoming a breach vector and – if it does happen – offering real-time remediation of breaches at the source.

We can also help organizations amplify the effectiveness of the entire security stack with analytics and monitoring tools that prove the value of existing IT investments, including:

  • How many endpoints are covered by each technology
  • Which ones are not covered
  • Which ones are broken or corrupted
  • How much sensitive data you have at risk

We’ll even quantify your risk with a dollar figure -- and we can help you remediate those risks with persistent oversight to harden your overall security posture against insiders and targeted attacks. Learn more at

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