Apple Embraces BYOD with iOS7

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/9/2013

With the release of iOS7, it is clear that Apple is stepping up its support for enterprise users and BYOD. Features such as per-app VPN and federated security are clearly designed to support the enterprise. We recently shared our thoughts on iOS 7 and how it can fit into enterprise mobility and BYOD in a report published by IDN. The report features insights from leading experts in mobility and BYOD as well as highlighting some of the key aspects of iOS 7 that are enterprise-friendly.

IDN lists 7 reasons why iOS 7 is BYOD-friendly:

  1. Per-App VPN
  2. Federated security
  3. Email management with smart mailboxes
  4. Touch ID
  5. Open APIs for better SDKs
  6. File protection APIs
  7. 64-bit apps

So, the features are enticing, but is it enough? Experts in the field seem to think so, though many weigh in on where further improvements could be made. For example, John Dasher of Good Technology notes that data leakage could occur via an app. Tim Williams, Director of Product Management here at Absolute Software, notes that per-app VPN will eliminate a lot of IT headaches:

"If I bring my mobile device in to work as a user, if I need to setup and use my VPN, and that is often cumbersome for end users to figure out, and maybe that affects productivity. So, some users may naturally look for ways to circumvent or work-around those corporate restrictions."

Now, a per-app VPN restriction may be the right solution, since it won't slow down or block personal apps. In the report, Tim also comments on the improved enterprise app store experience which can tie in nicely with tools such as AbsoluteApps, which makes it easy for enterprises to distribute in-house apps or provide a list of recommended apps from the App Store.

For more on supporting iOS7, read our post on How to Secure Corporate Data on iOS 7.

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