An Absolute Customer Minute with Martin Enerson

By: Absolute Team | 11/29/2010

n67520032759_1469302_8072142.jpgContinuing with our customer case study series, here is an 'Absolute Minute' with Martin Enerson of Martin | Williams Advertising. The agency has 300 computers and a 4-person IT staff to manage these assets. See how they approach their software management with Absolute Manage - and how it saves them both time and money!

In your opinion, why is managing software licenses important to your organization? Why should anyone care?
Other than being legal, it also provides us with a way to balance the cost of software and when to know not to purchase and/or when to pull back on the number of licenses. End users won’t and shouldn’t care. They just need the tools to do their jobs.

Are there savings involved to using Absolute Manage?
Yes, if we only use 100 of a 150 user license, we can see that in Absolute Manage.

Why do you think software asset management is overlooked as an IT admin. competency? Because it is all too easy to overlook and too easy to just worry about keeping things running.

In your experience, what is the single most difficult software title to manage?
Individually licensed software, ones that cannot be purchased with site license.

What is the role of automated lifecycle management systems in helping you to get a grip on your organization’s software assets/contracts?
One less thing I have to worry about.

If you had one piece of advice for an IT admin. team that is just embarking on a plan to effectively manage the software they buy from vendors, what would it be?
Start small. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your software, then move into a database, then look at software that can manage it. The time you take to learn the different softwares and licenses and installing will help you pick a good software to manage software.

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