Allegis Group Leverages Persistence Services to Deliver Reliability

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 8/4/2016

Allegis Group is one of the world’s largest privately-held staffing companies operating more than 500 offices across 50 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Working with more than 20,000 clients, Allegis Group has earned itself a reputation for providing professional talent solutions. In order to continue expanding globally, they had to meet the demands of their ever-growing remote workforce.

Creating a Critical Security Layer

The IT department at Allegis Group was tasked with two distinct challenges: optimizing productivity for employees off the corporate network and bolstering data security on employee devices.

Consequently, Allegis Group needed a comprehensive and streamlined security protocol.  As outlined in our case study, Absolute DDS now serves as a critical layer in their overall security infrastructure.

“We follow and adhere to a comprehensive security incident response plan through our service desk system,” said Jeff Reinsfelder, Infrastructure Distribution Manager at Allegis Group. “In the event of a security incident, a ticket is automatically generated and distributed to key internal stakeholders to assess the potential risk and the need to take action. Absolute is obviously a key part of this security process.”

With many different operating companies and business partners, Allegis Group works with a lot of personally identifiable information. They are constantly assessing their policies and tools to ensure they are effective. We worked with Allegis Group to identify where Absolute DDS could deliver the greatest value in managing the organization’s assets. In particular, encryption status-checking was highlighted as a valuable feature. Using Absolute DDS, Allegis Group is now able to validate the encryption status on its fleet of devices.

Innovation with Persistence Services

Leveraging Persistence Services, Absolute delivered an automated solution to regenerate their VPN application. In the event the VPN application becomes uninstalled, inactive or disabled on an employee device, it will automatically reinstall. We were proud to work with Allegis Group to address their specific security needs.

“Absolute seamlessly developed, tested, and deployed Persistence Services to an application that is critical to our business. Their ability to constantly update and innovate adds even more value to the Absolute DDS offering. What differentiates this team is its service mentalitythat can, will, and want to win attitude.”

Read the full case study to learn how Allegis Group leverages Absolute DDS to protect sensitive data is protected and persist business-critical applications.

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