Aligning Approved Training Programs with Strategic Goals

By: Absolute Team | 1/3/2011

Embracing changes in a rapidly changing world is essential to any organizations competitiveness.  The lifespan of a technology is approximately 2 – 3 years, and decreasing.  This requires professionals to keep themselves educated on these ever-changing technologies to be highly effective on the job. Constant learning is the only option for professionals today. Training is listed amongst the top considerations when joining any organization.

Training was once viewed as a cost to the company.  Today, training has become an important part of any successful business strategy. A company constantly needs to improve its current employees’ skills and quickly onboard new resources. It is recommended that a percentage of a company’s total revenue should be set aside for training.  Successful organizations have been quick in understanding the value of training and the strategic advantages in making it an integral, planned part of doing business.

When a new product or service is added to a portfolio, organizations need to ensure that the required skills exist in the workforce to support it.  These new skills or skill gaps are most cost effectively filled through formal re-training and training programs.  Considerations when aligning Absolute training programs with your organizations strategic training plans:

  • What are the goals of Absolute training?  Quickly teach and realize the benefits of the organization’s Absolute Product investment.
  • Does this training align with strategic goals? Your resources will be taught asset management and security skills, ensuring effective IT lifecycle processes and best practices are enforced.
  • How can Absolute training results be measuredReduction of IT security risks, reduction in missing devices, efficiently used and managed software or hardware resulting in decreased costs.
  • What is required for the implementation of Absolute training?

When a company aligns training programs with the strategic goals they will get better results. Stats have been reinforcing the concept that solid training programs, result in solid competitive performance.  This strong performance will continually aid the company in its achievement of their strategic goals and will drive future results.


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