AbsoluteSafe Support Extended to Android Tablets

By: Absolute Team | 2/6/2013

Absolute Software recently announced Android tablet support for AbsoluteSafe with the launch of Absolute Manage 6.1.5.  AbsoluteSafe allows organizations to securely distribute and manage content to mobile devices, eliminating the security risks associated with traditional document sharing apps and email.

About AbsoluteSafe

AbsoluteSafe is a Mobile Content Management (MCM) application that provides protection of documents and secure distribution of documents (PDF, office, etc.) In addition, it offers:

  • Automated enrolment and policy-based app installation for employee-owned devices (BYOD) and corporately-owned devices (traditional and COPE)
  • Policy-based secure media transfer
  • Restrict files from being emailed, printed or moved out of AbsoluteSafe
  • Document deployment by groups
  • Central control for delete per file or group of files
  • Allow documents to be available by time, schedule or time-bombed (automatically purged based on a specific expiry time)
  • Uses encryption and password protection
  • Can perform auto-remediation for jailbroken devices
  • Uploading of documents to AbsoluteSafe can be assigned outside of IT

Most importantly, if a device is at risk – Absolute Manage will automatically remove it from management and the AbsoluteSafe app will be removed, preventing unauthorized access to any sensitive corporate content it may contain.

AbsoluteSafe is now supported for iOS devices and Android tablets. Absolute Manage 6.1.5 is available today. For more information about AbsoluteSafe read the datasheet here [PDF].

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