Absolute's Vision: Unified IT

By: Absolute Team | 3/7/2014

Absolute Software is committed to creating a unified IT experience where customers can perform all of their endpoint security and management tasks within a single consult. To that end, we have taken our offerings to the next level with Absolute Unified IT.

Absolute Unified IT allows customers to use Absolute Computrace and Absolute Manage together from a single web-based console. Absolute Unified IT is fully supported by Absolute persistence technology, providing customers with the same trusted connection to each endpoint that they rely upon today.

Today, IT departments are juggling multiple IT management consoles. Most are limited in terms of features, operating systems, form factors, and often the skills of the IT administrator who must manage and secure devices using a multitude of products. With such a fragmented IT infrastructure, solutions that once were implemented to create efficiencies are now restrictive.

Consolidating solutions is a priority for IT in 2014, attempting to streamline IT and gain new efficiencies. In recent research conducted by Forrester Research, Inc., 62% of Technology decision makers surveyed said they will prioritize consolidating enterprise applications over the next 12 months.

Absolute Unified IT gives you that streamlined experience. Our vision is one where you can deploy a device freeze and update a patch on the same device, at the same time, using the same user interface. Absolute Unified IT allows your enterprise to:

  • Save time: Perform security, management, and maintenance tasks from the same user interface
  • Standardize skillsets: Every IT administrator can be a specialist
  • Simplify infrastructure: Replace multiple consoles with a single user interface
  • Mobilize IT: Administrators can respond anytime / anywhere on any device using a beautiful HTML 5 user interface

Read more in our datasheet or view the Unified IT video here.

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