Absolute Working to Improve Data Security in Colombia

By: Arieanna Schweber | 11/14/2016

Data security is a priority for organizations and government agencies the world over. Absolute’s Chief Product Office Christopher Bolin and our Sales Director Jorge Hurtado recently flew out to Colombia to take part in Andicom 2016. While there, they sat down with Finance Colombia’s Executive Editor Loren Moss to talk about the changing state of data protection in Colombia and how Absolute is making stepping up to help.

Colombia Steps Up on Data Security

Colombia is one of many Latin American countries who have stepped up to enact data protection regimes, showing a strong commitment to data security. Colombia enacted Law 1581 in 2012 to regulate the protection of personal data and to safeguard the right of privacy, with Decree 1377 the subsequent year outlining the steep sanctions for noncompliance and recommendations for remaining compliant.

Under the law, data controllers and data processors must have in place measures to identify, measure, control, monitor and respond to a security breach, with specific requirements for notification in the event of a breach.

How Absolute Helps Colombian Organizations

Christopher and Jorge attended Andicom 2016 as part of our growing effort to expand Absolute’s business in the country and the region. As mentioned in the interview, Absolute’s module is embedded in the firmware of half a billion devices around the world. For organizations, our product can be enabled right from the factory, giving instant visibility into all the movement of the device from the time it ships.

In Colombia, we have the relationships with HP and with Lenovo and Dell, active in more than 400,000 devices in Colombia itself. Institutions like CPE have the majority of their devices active, plus we’ve been working with public sector in Cundinamarca, Quindio, and some other local states that also have our product, along with many private sector organizations. Although public and private sector organizations prioritize the protection of data, for private sector organizations there’s also the accountability for devices paid for with tax dollars.

In the article, we talk about how Absolute DDS can track down a device location, but we do so much more, as Jorge explains below:

We can help IT managers to control what they cannot control and to see what they cannot see when a device goes out of the network. That is the most important part.

And then the second part, because of the persistent module, we are able also to persist in our applications. When you take a look at the statistics, 80% of IT calls or support calls are because a user deactivated an application or the application got corrupted. So for us, being able to persist in the application is a huge help for the IT manager.

Applications like VPMs, antivirals, and mission-critical top applications — that also helps in productivity, right? So it’s not just a tracking device. It also helps in other areas of data security.

As Christopher points out in the article, if you can’t see your endpoints, you don’t know the ingress and egress points to your network. Absolute DDS gives you that visibility to your assets and the data they contain, giving you the visibility and control so you can protecting your organization or agency from data loss, internal threats and even cyber attack.

We’re excited to be helping more Colombian organizations protect against data loss and steep compliance fines. Learn more at Absolute.com

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