Absolute Vancouver Headquarters: Why We’re Upgrading

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 4/19/2016

What happens when a growing tech company starts to run out of office space in Vancouver? We get creative.

For the first time in the history of Absolute, we are creating a purpose-built office space that will be tailored to support all of the different teams, work styles, and activities that exist at our Vancouver headquarters.

Over the coming months, we will double our space over several new floors in Bentall IV. As we work with design firm SSDG Interiors in defining and creating our new space, we've been chronicling our progress using time-lapse videos, interactive displays and fun contests. Construction is already well underway, and we’re excited to showcase the finished space in a couple months once we've moved in.

We wanted to show just how cramped it's gotten in our current office set-up, so we put together a video tour, with the help of Absolute's CFO Errol Olsen. Check out the video above and catch a sneak peak of our new space near the end of video.

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