Absolute Strengthens Endpoint Security Posture at Asplundh

By: Kim Ellery | 12/6/2017

Founded in 1928, Asplundh is a full-service utility contractor performing vegetation management services for specialized markets such as municipalities, railroads, pipelines and departments of transportation. With over 30,000 service professionals throughout the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the complexity and number of endpoints have grown significantly in the past 10 years. With 95% of their workforce mobile, Asplundh struggled to manage and secure the devices in their deployment.

Application Uncertainty: The End User Problem

7The number of endpoints at Asplundh have grown significantly, now totaling over 7,000 devices. Despite security policies, users would unintentionally compromise security and compliance by either disabling DLP, anti-virus or other security applications or installing incompatible software that would remove corporate protection processes and policies.

Knowing just one vulnerable device could severely impact their business, both in reputation and in penalties for non-compliance, Asplundh began searching for a partner that could help support their endpoints.

Strengthening Endpoint Security with Self-Healing

In our latest case study, read how Asplundh activated Absolute on their endpoints to gain uncompromised visibility over their entire device fleet. Asplundh now relies on Absolute for:

  • Protection of critical security applications - endpoint protection, DLP and patch management software are now self-healing with Application Persistence, meaning they cannot be intentionally or unintentionally disabled or corrupted
  • Remote endpoint security protection - devices can be remotely tracked and wiped to keep data secure
  • Automated protection - Asplundh’s IT team is more efficient and effective thanks to automatic application fixes, hardware and software inventory management and automated alerts of suspicious activity

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