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Absolute Software Tools the "Primary Weapon" at PGSE

November 19, 2014

The average mobile worker globally carries 3.5 mobile devices, with this figure set to grow as more people adopt tablets (in addition to other devices), as BYOD continues to grow, and as the Internet of Things (IoT) trend continues. When it comes to college students, this average is even higher, with students owning an average of 7 tech devices.

For a college campus, IT directors must manage the needs and security of faculty, staff and students; a complex environment. EdTech features an article by J.D. Sartain, “New Network Management Tools Make Life Easier for Higher Ed IT,” on how three higher education institutions are tackling these complex issues, from network overload to security and tech support.

Michigan’s Calvin College and the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education (PGSE) both found support with Absolute Software.

Calvin College uses Absolute Manage for its fleet of desktop computers, keeping the systems up to date and secure, to track the location of college-owned assets and to ensure that they're in compliance with Calvin's software license agreements.

"It's a large job to oversee a fleet of college-owned mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, plus accommodate the thousands of faculty, staff, student and guest devices that appear on the network every day," Calvin College IT Director Brian Paige says.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education (PGSE) found the challenge came from the shift from device-specific support to a service delivery model.

"Security, asset management and data protection are serious concerns," PGSE IT Director Michael Herzog says, "but managing and maintaining technical support is also a legitimate consideration that must be addressed."

"The real threat that keeps me up at night is data leakage and portability,” Herzog says.

PGSE shares how its “primary weapon” is Absolute’s suite of tools including Absolute Manage, Absolute Manage MDM and Absolute Service. PGSE is able to access all of these tools through a single console offering security monitoring, remote support, patch management, asset tracking, policy enforcement and more:

"The cornerstone of any strong IT management model begins with a solid baseline imaging process," Herzog says. "Ensuring we have a secure baseline before a machine is deployed greatly reduces the risks to the device. Then, it's a matter of tracking, proactively monitoring and patching assets."

To learn more about how these two colleges address new technology and security, read the full article here.

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