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Absolute Software Streamlines IT at Pittsfield School District

January 09, 2015

Baseline Magazine is currently featuring a case study with one of our clients, Pittsfield Public School District, who uses Absolute Service, integrated with Absolute Manage, to create an efficient IT team able to manage support issues and devices with a unified solution.

The Pittsfield Public School District employs more than 1,200 staff and serves over 6,000 students in 12 schools and additional facilities. A team of 3 support technicians, 2 data specialists and 1 director of technology support the multiple device types used in the geographically broad user base. Before deploying an asset management solution, the team had to distribute apps and patches to their 150 Mac and Windows laptops manually for each device. If anything was forgotten, all devices would need to be updated, manually, again.

When the Pittsfield Public School District purchased 1200 Apple iBooks, the IT team knew this manual process was not going to work. They needed a way to push apps and patches remotely. That solution was Absolute Manage, which is one of the few solutions to support both Apple and Windows devices.

The investment in Absolute Manage has paid off in unexpected ways. Randy McLeod, Technical Services Coordinator for the District, notes, “Even though we lost a technician in 2008, Absolute Manage was able to fill the void for an additional five years, despite the ever increasing number of devices to be managed each year.”

Absolute Manage allowed the IT team to do more, with fewer technicians, saving the District approximately $275,000 in staff costs over 5 years. Since the original deployment, the number of devices has grown to 3,000 including 1,200 iPads.

When the Pittsfield Public School District began struggling with their support calls, deploying repetitive fixes and overlooking some queries, their research again brought them to Absolute Software. Absolute Service integrated with Absolute Manage, streamlines support management without adding a new application layer to the servers or users. The IT team is now efficiently managing support calls, with repetitive tasks offloaded to self-service options and end-users far more satisfied.

To learn how Pittsfield Public School District was able to achieve these efficiencies, read the full case study here.

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