Absolute Software and Samsung Provide Ideal Solution to Secure and Manage IT Assets

By: Absolute Team | 8/6/2014

A little over a year ago, we announced the strategic global partnership between Absolute Software and Samsung Electronics. This partnership has led to the inclusion of patented Absolute persistence technology embedded at the firmware level of Samsung GALAXY mobile devices, as well as into the firmware of their leading notebooks and tablets. Together, Absolute Software and Samsung are providing customers with a best-of-breed solution to secure and manage their IT assets.

Absolute Computrace for Samsung Devices

The inclusion of Absolute persistence technology in the firmware of Samsung devices, allows for a constant tamper-proof connection for customers to track and secure their Samsung devices. With Absolute Computrace installed on Samsung devices, customers enjoy a level of reliability that is unrivalled on the market. Customers can remotely control and secure IT assets within a single cloud-based interface, allowing them to enforce compliance policies, identify devices that might be at risk, and take pre-emptive and reactive measures if a security incident occurs.

Absolute Manage for Samsung Devices

Absolute Manage provides persistent lifecycle management and security for computers, tablets, and smartphones, all from within a single console. Absolute Manage fully supports the device management features within Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE), leveraging the SAFE APIs to provide security and feature enhancements, including hundreds of device restriction and configuration options.

Samsung KNOX is a solution under SAFE, designed to enhance the security of the Android platform and allowing for both personal and professional use on a single device. Absolute Software is a Samsung KNOX MDM partner, providing options such as the creation of KNOX workspaces on Samsung devices, per-app VPN settings and data encryption.

To learn more about the partnership between Absolute Software and Samsung, read here.

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