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Absolute Software’s Response to the Kaspersky Lab Report - Absolute Computrace Revisited

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/14/2014

On February 12th, 2014 Kaspersky Lab released a report - Absolute Computrace Revisited. We have reviewed the report and consider Kaspersky’s analysis flawed and rejects its conclusions. We are unable to determine how Kaspersky was able to reach the conclusions they provided.

This is a very similar scenario that was raised at the Black Hat security conference in 2009. Our response in 2009 is still posted on our website for reference. The technical facts we provided at that time are still accurate and current today. Additionally, Absolute Software continually improves the security of its systems to harden them against attack.

Most importantly, we want to reassure our customers and partners that the speculation contained within the report has questionable technical merit.

All major anti-malware software vendors recognize the Absolute client implementation as safe, legitimate technology that improves the security of the endpoint. Hence our status as a white-listed vendor.

Absolute Computrace has been reviewed and implemented by numerous organizations globally. Absolute currently has over 30,000 active customers representing all industries including corporate, healthcare, government, and education – from Fortune 500 to individuals. Computrace has been successfully deployed and actively protecting millions of devices, without compromise, for 20 years.

Our complete analysis with a detailed FAQ can be found here.

Our media contact details can be found here.