Absolute Software Recovers Laptops in 90+ Countries

April 10, 2012

For many years, Absolute Software has been providing peace-of-mind to both corporate and consumer clients by recovering stolen computers and deleting sensitive files from them. Our services have growth to include valuable tools to reduce IT costs, address regulatory compliance, and increase productivity for laptops, netbooks and smartphones. To date, we have helped recover more than 23,000 laptops around the world.

This month, we hit a new milestone: recoveries in more than 90 countries!

Screen Shot 2012 03 14 at 5 24 35 PM

As you can see from our Global Recovery Map, we have helped recover laptops from over 90 countries (soon to be 91, actually!).

When your laptop goes missing, our Theft Recovery Team will work with law enforcement agencies to help track and recovery your laptop. We are not limited by State lines or even countries, but instead are able to help guide the recovery process no matter where your laptop may go. Learn more about our Theft Recovery Team here.

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