Absolute Software Proud Members of the Enterprise Device Alliance

By: Absolute Team | 11/8/2012

Enterprise Device Alliance

Absolute Software is proud to be a member of the Enterprise Device Alliance.

The Enterprise Device Alliance was founded in 2008 to provide information to IT managers and administrators about the ways they can leverage their Windows infrastructure, management tools and expertise to easily integrate Macs into their organizations. This integration includes the security, client management, and access to services that IT departments are accustomed to providing to Windows users.

With the rapid growth in the use of mobile devices, particularly iPhones and iPads, in large organizations, the members of the Enterprise Device Alliance separately developed solutions to deliver services and management products that let large organizations derive more value from these mobile systems and allow IT departments to assert appropriate control.

One of our goals at Absolute Software is to provide solutions that provide solutions for endpoint management and security that can be managed from a single console, irregardless of OS or device type. Absolute Manage can turn your IT asset management pain into a set of simple, automated processes using technology that will allow you to manage PCs or Macs and iPhones and iPads from a single interface. Learn more here.

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