Absolute Software Foils Repeat Thefts at Millfields School

By: Absolute Team | 10/22/2012

Millfields Primary School in Essex suffered two break-ins resulting in a number of laptops being stolen - and never recovered. We know from crime patterns that victims of burglary are likely to be targeted again, so after the second theft, we approach the school to help protect the replacement laptops. Nine months later, when there was a third theft, we were there to help track down the devices.

Unlike the first two thefts, which did not result in recovered devices, we were able to help Essex Police recover the lost devices. Absolute Software has helped curb the repeat incidents of burglary at Millfields Primary while solving crime and catching criminals. As Janet Meacock, head teacher at Millfields notes:

"We want people out there to know our laptops are protected by this software and ... if they do steal from us there are consequences."

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