Absolute Software Adds Geofencing

By: Absolute Team | 9/16/2009

Absolute Software announced this month that geofencing capabilities will now be supported for commercial Computrace customers.

What is geofencing? A geofence is a virtual perimeter on a geographic area using a location-based service, so that when the geofencing device enters or exits the area a notification is generated. The notification can contain information about the location of the device... - Wikipedia

The Absolute geofencing feature allows IT asset managers to incorporate the physical location of a device into their IT Asset Management strategy. If any device goes outside a pre-set perimeter and stays outside that perimeter for a set period of time, customers would be notified, allowing for a fast response to any suspicious activities, including remotely deleting data and/or reporting the device as stolen.

"By adding geofencing, our customers know sooner when mobile devices may be out of their control, so they can quickly protect the security of those devices." - John Livingston, CEO of Absolute

Learn more about this new capability here or watch a demo here.

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