Absolute Service Named "Best in Class for Integrations"

By: Absolute Team | 12/10/2013

The ITSM Review recently completed an independent review of Absolute Service, our ITSM solution. Absolute Service provides organizations with ITIL-certified best practices to deliver consistent IT services to all end users. By combining people, process, and information technology, Absolute Service enables IT services to align with the needs of the business.

ITSM Review has conducted an integrated review of 10 software products this year, comparing and contrasting the various features of each. In their review of Absolute Service, ITSM Review has created a chart of their insights, including market focus, strengths and their interpretation of our 'elevator pitch,' as follows:

"A restful and subtle interface with an inclusive service management solution that wraps around a comprehensive endpoint management solution."

They define our competitive differentiators as an abundance of connectors to data sources, a large number if integrated functions,  the truest federation of data in a CMDB, and a comprehensive MDM strategy, while kudos is also given to the "refined looking interface" and an ethos of "getting the job done." The summary does a good job of highlighting our desire to innovate while also simplify, making IT Service as efficient as possible.

ITSM Review named Absolute Service as "Best in Class for Integrations," noting that a:

"Comprehensive approach to a full range of endpoint management with a subtle interface makes it a powerful suite in its market area."

We welcome you to read the full review, which looks at many areas of Absolute Service, from pre-deployment through to configuration and integrations.

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