Absolute Safe Schools Launches

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/8/2013

Absolute is proud to announce the launch of Absolute Safe Schools, the industry's first Integrated Student and Device Protection Solution for Mobile Student Computing. Combining both theft prevention education as well as protection and recovery services post-theft, Absolute Safe Schools targets one of the most rapidly growing areas and demographics for mobile theft: K-12 schools and kids.

Violent mobile device thefts are on the rise in North America and kids are increasingly the target for these crimes. In the US, 20% of kids aged 8-16 report being a victim of mobile theft. Similar studies have found that teens and youth aged 14-24 are more than twice as likely to be victims of mobile theft than other demographics. Our own studies have found that public schools are the top location for device theft in the US.

"Children today are often targeted by thieves for the mobile devices they carry. The results can be deadly. We commend Absolute Software for introducing Absolute Safe Schools to keep students and the community safer while securing mobile devices through protection and recovery." - Sean Burke, President at School Safety Advocacy Council

As mobile computing becomes an essential component of education, and many children have several personal mobile devices, schools are now faced with the growing challenge of educating their students on safe use. Absolute Safe Schools was created to be a comprehensive solution to keeps students and the community safer while securing mobile devices through protection and recovery.

Absolute Safe Schools Theft Prevention Program

Absolute Safe Schools  is designed to educate students, staff and parents on how to avoid becoming easy targets for criminals, providing them with best practices and safe actions when carrying mobile devices. This includes onsite safety education sessions and videos, featuring the Absolute Investigation and Recovery Services team, safety tips, "Protected Campus" theft deterrent materials and toll-free theft tip line.

Absolute Safe Schools Supported by Proven Software

The Absolute Safe Schools solution works in conjunction with Absolute Software’s proven theft-recovery software – Absolute Computrace and Computrace Mobile Theft Management. The Absolute Safe Schools solution provides rapid response resources after a theft of a protected device. The Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team will conduct an investigation and will work with local law enforcement to recover devices using proven technology and investigative techniques.

Absolute Safe Schools can deliver K12 a comprehensive solution to keep both children and the community aware and safe on the use of mobile devices. To learn more, visit here.

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