Absolute Safe Schools Creates a Safer Learning Environment

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 1/20/2016

In October 2013, Absolute launched Safe Schools, an integrated program designed to work in conjunction with Absolute’s endpoint security for education to help support technology in the classroom and to protect the students using these devices. School districts are taking steps to empower students using mobile devices; with our program, we can ensure student safety and help return devices back to student hands as quickly as possible.

In the video above, one of our top investigators, Harold Reaves, shares how Safe Schools works and the impact it has on school communities.

There is no question that mobile devices, laptops and tablets play a key role in enhancing the learning experience in K-12 classrooms, but unfortunately they also pose many risks to students, from exposure to inappropriate internet content to becoming easy targets for thieves. Supported by our persistent security technology, our Safe Schools program is an integrated program offering comprehensive safety training (for both students and staff) and on-site awareness signage and stickers to deter thieves, all overseen by our Absolute Investigations Team.

To learn more about how Safe Schools can protect your technology investment, and more importantly your students, visit our website.

Absolute Safe Schools is provided free of charge to Absolute customers.

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