Absolute Rewrites Likely Ending to Dorm Room Break-In

By: Absolute Team | 6/8/2009

When Delaware State University student Stefanie Strom left her dorm room for a noon class, she didn’t give any thought to leaving her HP Pavilion in her room. Returning three hours later, she was surprised to find her room open and her laptop missing.

“My laptop has everything on it – my music, my papers, tons of photos. Until it was stolen, I hadn’t realized how much I relied on it. I couldn’t even check my email!” Fortunately, before Stefanie headed off to fall semester, her father Steve Strom had obtained a subscription to Absolute’s LoJack for Laptops as protection for the computer.

Stefanie filed a police report then contacted the Absolute Theft Recovery Team. Almost immediately, Stefanie’s missing laptop contacted the Absolute Monitoring Center and reported its location – Willingboro, New Jersey. Using information sent from the computer, Dover detectives obtained arrest warrants for three individuals in Willingboro who were subsequently arrested by investigators in New Jersey. While arresting the alleged thieves, Stefanie’s computer was recovered and has now been returned to her.

According to Stefanie’s father, “Our experience with Absolute has been amazing. For a university student like my daughter, a laptop computer is more than just a computer, it’s an investment. I have no idea how Absolute works their magic in the background, but the results really say it all; Stef has her computer back and police have three very bad people in custody.”

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