Absolute Releases Energy Savings Tools

By: Absolute Team | 6/1/2010

absolute-manage.jpgAbsolute announced a brand new suite of tools for companies attempting to adopt Green practices. Essentially, the toolkit will help companies implement energy savings programs.

The toolkit includes:

  • a computer power management policy guide
  • intuitive power savings calculator
  • 60-minute webinar featuring a Gartner lifecycle management expert and a school district that has reduced its computer-related power consumption by 79%

Money saved from turning off computers and laptops when not in use can be leveraged elsewhere in organizations, yet only 17% of IT employees surveyed do this (according to Ponemon Institute study).

"Power management is an easy and effective initiative that organizations can undertake to lower costs associated with running computers. The energy savings that can be obtained are substantial," said Peter Frankl, Vice President of Lifecycle Management at Absolute. "For example, an enterprise with 1,000 desktop computers and 200 notebook computers can expect to spend over $107,000 annually to run their computers. By implementing a basic power management program, they can reduce that to just over $72,000 – a savings of over $34,000 in the first year alone."

Absolute Manage can help you implement a power management program that will base an energy program on user behaviour and work schedules. Learn more about your potential cost savings here.

Read more in our news release here.

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