Absolute Recovers Multiple Laptops After School is Burglarized

By: Absolute Team | 1/27/2009

Teachers at a California high school arrived at work one morning to find that thieves had made off with a number of the school's laptops. Although all of the laptops had been locked to a classroom cart, intruders managed to break through the locks at take with them over 20 computers. Luckily, the computers were equipped with Computrace®, and in coalition with the County Sherriff's Department, the Absolute Team began work on recovery.

The first computer called into the Absolute Monitoring Center just days after the theft, and in the weeks that followed, 12 more of the missing computers checked in. Each time a laptop connected to the Internet, Absolute was able to extract useful information and provide police with the details necessary to identify suspects and locales.

With every laptop Absolute directed police to, an interesting story surfaced. One of the computers had been purchased off the streets from a stranger, while another man acquired three of the laptops in a trade for his motorcycle. Absolute tracked two of the laptops to an area pawn shop, while two more were found when individuals attempted to resell them on the high school's own campus.

Just months after the theft, Absolute has been successful in recovering over half of the stolen laptops, and is busily tracking those that remain missing. Armed with information provided by the Absolute Team, local authorities have been able to make several arrests in connection to the case.

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