Absolute Recovers Laptop With Mom's Help

By: Absolute Team | 5/14/2009

A state university recently received notice from a student that her school-leased laptop had been stolen.  The student alleged that the laptop had gone missing somewhere in her travel between states, and despite her best efforts, could not be retraced.  A Computrace customer, the university was confident that Absolute could locate and recover the stolen machine.

As Absolute tracked the computer and investigated its whereabouts, however, it soon became clear that 'stolen' was not an applicable term. Instead, the same student who initally reported the theft was still actively using the machine. Officers attempted to contact the student to set the story straight; yet, despite numerous attempts, were unable to get in touch with the uncooperative suspect. Several weeks and unreturned phone calls later, police turned to the student's mother for help.

Through the powers that only a mother can harness, the unimpressed mom was able to contact her daughter and ensure that the laptop was handed over to police mere hours later. The university got its missing laptop back, and the daughter had a bit of explaining to do. Thanks, Mom....

Please note that indictments and criminal complaints are merely unproven accusations and the accused in all cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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