Absolute Recovers Laptop, Helps Solve Burglary String

By: Absolute Team | 6/8/2009

Returning from a weekend visiting family in Florida, Jeffrey Alexander arrived at his home in New Milford to find that it had been burglarized and his laptop was missing. New Milford Police suspect that his home was one of a series of homes broken into while many local residents were attending Yom Kippur events.

He immediately notified local police and Absolute Software. “I went to sleep devastated at the loss, including my laptop,” says Alexander. Upon receiving the theft report from Jeffrey, investigators from the New Milford Police Department, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team and the Bergen County Prosecutors Office began a joint investigation.

Within two hours of notifying Absolute, Jeffrey’s laptop called the Absolute Monitoring Center to report its location and other key evidence. Prepared with a search warrant, police investigators searched a location in Hackensack where they recovered several pounds of marijuana, a large quantity of crack cocaine and several thousand dollars in cash. Detectives also recovered Jeffrey’s laptop as well as four other laptops that are now being examined to help return them to their owners.

Four individuals found on the scene were arrested and are now facing charges of receiving stolen property and felony narcotics. “Jeff’s story is fairly typical of the thousands of computer theft investigations we carry out each year,” said Lyle Singular, Vice President, Recovery Services at Absolute. “Our technology is tremendously effective in terms of assisting in the recovery of lost or stolen computers, but it is really the combination of Absolute’s investigators and fast, effective police work that gets results like these. In this case, our team, police investigators, and the county prosecutor’s office worked in concert to recover our client’s computer and arrest alleged criminals.”

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