Absolute Recovers Laptop From Travelling Woes

By: Absolute Team | 4/24/2009

In a rush, a travelling Computrace customer left his laptop behind on an airport shuttle bus. Soon realizing the error, he contacted the shuttle company and requested the bus be searched. The search failed to turn up the computer, however, so the customer reported the laptop stolen to Absolute and the local police.

Absolute traced the laptop to a residence nearby the airport, where a family appeared to be using the machine. The information was passed on to police, who contacted the most frequent user. This user explained that she had been travelling when the laptop was acquired. Hopping on the same aforesaid shuttle bus, she was approached by an unknown male who held the laptop in hand. The man recounted a convincing story of how he was low on cash and stranded in the area. To pay for his airfare home, the man offered to sell her the laptop for just under $600 - which he assured was a fair price and just enough to cover his costs. As a gesture of goodwill, and knowing that her daughter would soon require a laptop for school, the woman alleged that she paid the amount without further question and happily took the laptop home.

When police informed the woman that her laptop was a stolen item, she was both apologetic and cooperative, releasing the machine to authorities. The police were not able to get a lot of detail regarding the man who had originally sold her the laptop, however, and so the investigation continues.

The laptop has been returned to a relieved Computrace customer.

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