Absolute Recovers Laptop From Speedy Cab Driver

By: Absolute Team | 3/10/2009

If you saw the TV show 30 Rock last week, Liz Lemon left her mobile phone in a cab, and then the cabbie held it for ransom. We see people leave their laptops in cabs all the time, but unlike the show, the stories are definitely not funny.  Recently, a LoJack for Laptops customer placed his laptop in the cab he had hailed, but before he too could get in the vehicle, the driver sped off. He immediately called the driver directly, but was told that another passenger had just been dropped off and his laptop was gone. He then contacted the cab company who also confronted the driver in question, only to have the driver deny any knowledge of the laptop.  The exasperated customer reported the stolen laptop to police and turned to Absolute Software for help.

The laptop logged on to the Internet the day after it went missing, allowing the Absolute Recovery Team to trace its whereabouts. The team was quick to extract information on the laptop's unauthorized user -details that indicated the computer was in fact in the hands of the driver. Absolute passed this evidence on to police, who continued the investigation.

Detectives discovered that the driver held an outstanding complaint report for an unrelated matter, and so called the suspect into the precinct to discuss this complaint. When later confronted with details of the stolen laptop, the driver alleged that the customer had given him the computer as payment for services rendered. Less than convinced by the suspect's dubious account, police arrested the driver on charges of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property. The laptop has been recovered and returned to another satisfied LoJack for Laptops customer.

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Please note that the indictments and criminal complaints are merely unproven accusations, and the accused, in all cases, are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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